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Introducing Our New and Improved NFB Films App for Android


* This post was translated from French. With the Holidays just a few weeks away (OK, more like a couple of months away), we’re giving you an eagerly awaited gift: an improved and totally redesigned version of our NFB Films for Android app. Adapted to new formats The NFB Films app has been developed to

Festival du nouveau cinéma

FNC: Calling all crossmedia artists and women with phones


Montreal’s Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC) is celebrating its 40th anniversary this October. Aside from the programming and special events (which we’ll tell you everything about as opening night approaches), the Festival has put out 2 calls for submissions I thought you should know about. 3 x 3 x 3 The first call for submission


The marvels of technology: Short films shot on cell phones


On Monday, Mashable ran a piece called 7 Superb Short Films Shot With Cellphones. The films were astounding. I mean, I have an iPhone 4 so I’m aware of the quality of photographs and video it takes, but creating entire films? That look great? Pretty cool. One film, Golden Harvest, struck a chord. It might