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Hothouse 9 | The Hidden Side of Digital Animation in 4 Geeky Graphs

Kyler Kelly, participant in the NFB’s 9th annual Hothouse apprenticeship, offers a look at the hidden side of digital animation in 4 geeky graphs.


Hothouse 9 | Hands full of clay

*This post is a short haiku from our Hothouse intern Su-An Ng. Taking a short break Processing thoughts frame by frame Both hands full of clay  

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Hothouse 9 | The Life of a Film Idea

* This post was written by Hothouse 9 intern Kyler Kelly. Whenever a film is made, it has to follow some pathway from the very first sliver of an idea to the finished product. That path is a network of branches, dead ends and circuitous loops that lead nowhere. And while Hothouse is a very more »

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Hothouse 9 | Paloma in Ottawa

* This post was written by Hothouse 9 intern, Paloma Dawkins. So this past weekend was the Ottawa International Animation Festival, and me and most of the Hothouse 9 crew were able to go. (Kyler stuck around Montreal and ran a marathon, which he finished in 4 hours, YAY). FRIDAY I hitched a ride with more »

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Hothouse 9 | Week 1 Recap: Intense and Amazing

* This post was written by Hothouse 9 intern Su-An Ng. It is so surreal being here in Montreal for the first time, working at the NFB and walking the same halls as so many great NFB animators have before. The atmosphere in the animation department feels open, supportive and genuine. Although everyone is passionately more »


Hothouse 9 | Meet Our 6 New Apprentices

This year’s Hothouse review team deliberated and debated 99 submissions from across the country, in the process also re-imagining the many permutations and understandings of what abstract art is and means to people. It was a challenge for the disparate group to agree on 6, but finally and unanimously it did. Herewith, the 6 participants more »

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Hothouse 9: Come Make a Short Animation Film With Us!

Always dreamed of making your own short animation film at the NFB? This is your chance. If you are an emerging (young or not-so-young) Canadian filmmaker or artist intrigued by animation art with interesting ideas and some experience in animation filmmaking or a related field (like say, fine arts, graphic design or computational arts), the more »


Bears, Bears, Bears | 5 NFB Films About Bears


Bears, like the rest of us, are slowly coming out of hibernation. Greet their return to the world of the roaring with these 5 films about all things bear.


Watch 6 Short Films from the 8th Edition of Hothouse

Every year, come early spring, 6 hand-picked animators descend upon the NFB to participate in Hothouse, the NFB’s program for emerging Canadian filmmakers. Though the “12-week paid apprenticeship in full-on professional animation filmmaking” can be the opportunity of a lifetime, creating an animated short from scratch in 3 months undoubtedly makes for an exhilarating, disheveling more »

Jesse Gouchey

Animator Jesse Gouchey on SANDDE and Stereoscopic Spray Painting

This is a guest post by Jesse Gouchey, one of 6 animators participating in this year’s Hothouse program, the NFB’s 12-week paid apprenticeship for emerging filmmakers. Where is it saved? ZED! Fine-tuning dopesheets using Geppetto to polypose Sheeps Dreams over the weekend anyone? Yes please! SANDDE is the software I’m attempting to conquer. With endless more »

Rosa Aiello

Animator Rosa Aiello on Sand and Surrender

This is a guest post by Rosa Aiello, one of 6 animators participating in this year’s Hothouse program, the NFB’s 12-week paid apprenticeship for emerging filmmakers. Notes for a blog post (surrender to materials): Objects have a life of their own Flight, the feeling that something is behind you, a person or a place, perpetual more »

David Barlow Krelina

Animator David Barlow-Krelina on Getting 3D Particle Effects To Do What You Want Them To

This is a guest post by David Barlow-Krelina, one of 6 animators participating in this year’s Hothouse program, the NFB’s 12-week paid apprenticeship for emerging filmmakers. It’s been an intense few weeks here at Hothouse. We just reached picture lock this weekend, and in the few weeks prior to this deadline, all of us have more »