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Bush Pilot

Bush Pilot: Canada’s History Comes Alive


Bush Pilot: Reflections on a Canadian Myth was originally to be a film on the fabled Noorduyn Norseman bush plane.

West Series

Focus on the Prairies: The West TV Series


The story behind the West television series.


NFB Tour – Winnipeg


To prevent us from having to change the name of this blog to “Carolyne’s Films and Foods”, I’m going to go ahead and not tell you about what I had for lunch in Winnipeg. Ha! I will say it involved minestrone, but that’s about it. (OK it was delicious and had chunks of squash and more »


NFB Tour: Little Tour on the Prairies


Last month the head of the NFB, Tom Perlmutter, travelled to Ontario to meet with Ontarians and talk about film, stories, Canadian identities and the role of the National Film Board in the digital age. The initiative was part of the NFB Tour, a global conversation the Film Board will be leading in towns and more »


How to build a fighter airplane for $25,000 or is this guy crazy?


How do you make a fighter airplane for $25,000? The story of the making of The Defender.