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John Law and the Mississippi Bubble: The Madness of Crowds


When most people think about Richard Condie’s films, his classic Oscar-nominated short The Big Snit (1985) immediately springs to mind. While I agree that it is brilliant, I prefer his earlier film John Law and the Mississippi Bubble, released in 1979. I love the way it combines Condie’s zany animation with an incredible history lesson. more »


Friday staff pick: Getting Started


This week’s Friday Staff Pick is Getting Started, Richard Condie‘s awesome animated short about Eugene, a concert pianist who just can’t seem to sit down and finally practice, two days before an important recital. Focus, Eugene, focus! Much like when you’re dreading a task or working on deadline, everything – absolutely everything – turns into more »

Top 5 Films on


Over the past week, we’ve seen a couple of surprises in our Top 5 list. Coming in at #5 is John Law and the Mississippi Bubble – this new addition has enjoyed lots of traffic. It’s a great little film from Richard Condie (The Big Snit, Getting Started, La Salla) about a 200 year old more »

Wow! What a turnout…


On January 21, we had the official launch for We invited everyone to come check us out and wow…what a response! The reaction from the media and the general public has been astounding, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. Due to the unprecedented increase in traffic, we’ve been experiencing some growing pains. We knew more »