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The 10 Ingredients for a Perfect Interactive Team


Are you looking to create your own interactive team? Check out the NFB recipe for a perfect interactive team.


Teaching about ecotourism with Green Paradise


Use the Green Paradise series to focus on environmental and ecological concerns with your students and teach about ecotourism.


Technology in cinema: 5 NFB films that changed the game


The NFB has consistently harnessed the powers of the latest and greatest gadgets and techniques. Watch 5 films that made technological history!

Theoidore Ushev

Theodore Ushev, artist-in-residence, on creation, destruction, McLaren, and working in public


Experience the talent, provocation, and iconoclasm in award-winning animator Theodore Ushev’s work, as he prepares for a live-work residency in Quebec City.

BLA BLA_Technologies

10 technologies that could revolutionize film


I have a suspicion that my friend Stéphane Jolicoeur (Senior Internet Applications Analyst at the NFB) lives in the future. Not that he time travels like Marty McFly (although I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a DeLorean DMC-12 hidden away somewhere…), but he spends most of his free time surfing computing, design and future


Hothouse 7: Tactile Kiss Transmission Device


The following is a guest post by Eva Cvijanovic. So our producer, Michael Fukushima,  sent me this link  about a Japanese invention that can record your tongue movement and replay it through a machine, which makes it possible to sort of french-kiss yourself, well more a  plastic tube (or ultimately with a celebrity that gets


Tom Perlmutter on accessibility, new forms of storytelling and risk-taking


Earlier this month, NFB President Tom Perlmutter gave an interview to IT in Canada‘s Dave Chapelle. In a piece fittingly titled, NFB embraces technology to tell Canadian stories, Perlmutter discusses concrete actions he has taken to make innovation, experimentation and risk-taking the norm at the NFB. Mentioning the NFB’s online screening room,, and mobile

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NFB Tour: Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario


On Thursday afternoon, we left Windsor and made our way to Kitchener, a couple hours away by car. The evening meeting was to be held at the Tannery District’s digital media centre, a place I’d read about and was eager to see. The Tannery District was created by the recent conversion of an old tannery,


Get a glimpse of future technology – straight from Japan


Note: This post was taken from our French sister site,, and has been translated into English. Philippe Baylaucq is back from Tokyo, Japan, where he presented his film A Dream for Kabul at the Canadian Embassy. We asked him to give us his impressions of his trip. (Carolyne Weldon, * * * The


Top 10 tips for innovative entrepreneurs from Guy Kawasaki

On Thursday night, I was lucky enough to catch Guy Kawasaki giving the keynote address at Challenge Your World here in Montreal. The subject of his speech was innovation and entrepreneurship and much of it was geared towards startup tech companies. I got a lot out of the evening, and found I was able to


NFB nominated for 2 Canadian New Media Awards


A bunch of NFB and NFB co-produced sites were nominated for Canadian New Media Awards last week., the NFB Online Screening Room – Best Online Video Portal Waterlife ( – Best Cross-Platform Project Congratulations also to our co-producers Eyesteel Film (Rip: Remix Manifesto, Best Social Media) and Kung-Fu Numerique (Who We Are, Best Online


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