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New York Lightboard Record (Norman McLaren, 1961)

McLaren in Times Square, New York


Discover the endlessly-looped animated film Norman McLaren produced for Times Square as an advertisement for Canadian tourism.


Eye Candy: 7 Psychedelic NFB Posters


* This post is a translation. Read the original French post here. A few weeks ago on the French side of things (, we featured a bunch of psychedelic films we made in the late 1960s and early 1970s. While digging through the archives, I came across some amazing movie posters that were strongly influenced more »

Magic Molecule

Magic Molecule: A Plastic Love Affair


Life today can be very complicated. The sun equals cancer. Too much fish equals mercury poisoning. Jogging in big cities equals never mind, air pollution will cancel out the run’s benefits anyway. Modern existence, in a world where spinach can be an excellent source of both iron and salmonella, and the tamest food of them more »


Christopher’s Movie Matinée: haphazard adventures in Flower Power cinema


Full confession today guys: I’m a total hippie. I may look sort of normal to you on the outside (accent on the sort of), but on the inside, I’ve always belonged to that crunchy-granola posse that believes in meditation, past lives, homeopathic remedies, guardian angels, plant-based diets and that “the universe unfolds as it should”. more »

Montreal in the 60s set to the music of Pink Floyd


Our designer, Mivil Deschênes, stumbled upon this little gem on a blog called Montreal State of Mind. It’s a mash up of old NFB archival material set to the music of Pink Floyd (Saucerful of Secrets). Talk about trippy. Enjoy.

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