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Friday staff pick: Louise


One of my favourite people in the world is Antoinette Godbout née Leblanc aka Mimi, my 95 year-old Acadian grandma. She lives alone in her big house on the south shore of Montreal, where she cares for dozens of abnormally healthy house plants and makes the best date squares ever. When you go visit, your more »


NFB Tour: Edmonton


I’m not usually a huge fan of talking/writing about the weather, but I believe it bears mentioning it was -29 degrees Edmonton yesterday. Good morning! I had come prepared, though, fishing up my parka and shearling-lined boots from the back of the closet, items I hadn’t seen or worn since last March, when I went more »


NFB Tour: Little Tour on the Prairies


Last month the head of the NFB, Tom Perlmutter, travelled to Ontario to meet with Ontarians and talk about film, stories, Canadian identities and the role of the National Film Board in the digital age. The initiative was part of the NFB Tour, a global conversation the Film Board will be leading in towns and more »

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