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Stories From Our Land: Iqaluit Log (Part 1)


The following is a guest post by Carrie Haber. In November, I flew from Montreal to Iqaluit as an instructor for the NFB/Nunavut Film Development Corporation’s Stories From Our Land workshop. 29 participants showed up from North and South Baffin communities to plan, shoot and edit ‘micro-documentaries’ on subjects close to their hearts. They were more »

A woman’s place is at home… and first base, second base, shortstop…


The story behind Baseball Girls, Lois Siegel’s documentary on women and Baseball.

How to create sound for a 1-minute animated short

The Craft

The following is a guest post from Fred Casia. The sound composition for my Hothouse 6 film, Marvin Parson’s Inner Wild Wilderness, has always been a huge component, but in my mind it was never one specific aesthetic or approach. My inspirations were definitive, but flexible in its application which I felt was important to more »

Montrealers! Join us on June 30 for a free session on Financing Your Short Film!

NewsThe Craft

On June 30, up here at the NFB in Montreal, we’ll be hosting the last knowledge-sharing event of Hothouse 6. It’s a panel we’re calling “Financing Your Short Film!”, because yes, it is possible to finance short films in Canada…

Art and Design: The Process for Claire Blanchet’s “The Interview”

The Craft

This guest post was written by Claire Blanchet, director and animator of the latest Work For All film, The Interview. I loved Jean-Hervé Désiré’s concept for the film, rooted in the discrepancy between what’s being thought and what’s being said. I wanted to illustrate this concept through icons in some way, since the film takes more »

Animation G-man: Cordell Barker

The Craft

I’m a G-man now, and I’m kind of excited! I don’t know how many have heard the latest news, but if you haven’t, let me be the first to warn that I now have the delicate task of acting as the Creative Consultant on animation for the Northwest Centre for the NFB. The NWC is more »

Amateurs try their hand at film animation

EducationReviewsThe Craft

The following is a guest post by Tanya Koivusalo. On Tuesday evening, a group of film buffs and aspiring filmmakers took film into their own hands, literally, at the NFB Mediatheque. They were participants in the free adult animation workshop that was offered in partnership with the Images Festival, and they faced the challenge of more »

How to use technology as a tool for social change

The Craft

The Seven Interventions of Filmmaker-in-Residence by ONFB, National Film Board of Canada Today I put a small selection of films online from the Filmmaker-in-Residence box set. This project, which was led by filmmaker Katerina Cizek, is kind of like a modern-day version of the NFB’s famous Challenge for Change project, which introduced video as a more »

Demystifying Camera Terms: 7 camera moves explained

The Craft

Last week, I wrote about different camera shots. This week I’m going to cover language that describes how the camera moves. Why the camera moves for a given shot is purely the director’s (and sometimes camera operator/director of photography’s) decision, depending on the reaction they want to elicit from the audience. I can’t tell you more »


Interview tips for documentary filmmaking

The Craft

For those of you who are thinking of getting into documentary filmmaking or those of you who just want to brush up on your skills, here are some tips for getting the perfect interview. Preparation: Do research on your topic, and if possible, on your subjects. The better prepared you are, the less time you’ll more »

Hothouse 6 Call for Submissions

HothouseThe Craft

The following is a guest post by Maral Mohammadian. Tell it in a minute. Do it in 3 months. Make it Stereoscopic 3D. After a lot of hard work to put the pieces in place, we are thrilled to announce that Hothouse 6 is open for submissions. A new dimension this year — and a more »

Do We Need Public Cultural Organizations?


The following is the text of a public address given by government film commissioner Tom Perlmutter to the RIDM conference in Montreal on November 17, 2009 It may seem self-serving at worst and naïve at best for the head of a public cultural agency to pose the question of today’s debate. It is neither. It more »

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