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Q&A with Carrie Haber, Part 2

The Craft

This is Part 2 of my interview with writer, filmmaker, editor and composer Carrie Haber. You can read Part 1 here. Julie Matlin: On average, how many projects are you involved with each year? Carrie Haber: Hard to think of this in terms of quantity, because of course it depends on the scale of the more »

Q&A with Carrie Haber, writer/filmmaker/editor/composer

The Craft

An interview with writer, filmmaker, editor and composer Carrie Haber.

The Insider’s Guide to Hothouse

HothouseThe Craft

Animation Studio producer Michael Fukushima talks about the Hothouse program for emerging filmmakers.

Q&A with director Garry Beitel on documentary filmmaking

The Craft

Blogger Julie Matlin interviews director Garry Beitel about the world of documentary filmmaking.

Behind the Camera: The ABCs of Documentary Cinema

The Craft

Behind the Camera – a website devoted to the ABCs of documentary filmmaking.

A working definition of the “producer” title

The Craft

Ever wonder what the difference is between an Executive Producer and a Producer? An Associate Producer and a Co-Producer? You have? You’re not alone. Read on…

How the NFB makes films

The Craft

An inside look at how the NFB develops and produces films and interactive digital content.

Documentary filmmaking from the inside out

The Craft

Since I started this series, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about making documentary films, which makes sense considering the NFB is very fertile stomping ground for many well-known documentary filmmakers. In fact, I just completed an interview with Garry Beitel, who is about to begin editing The Socalled Movie, about his experiences in more »

7 Blogging Tips for Filmmakers

The Craft

Keep it Short 250 words is enough. It’s enough for you to write and it’s enough for us to read. Post Frequently Make up for your short posts by writing more often. Blog about everything related to production. Interesting connections, things you’ve learned, production tips, successes, failures. Stay focused One post for each idea. If more »

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