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Watch 3 NFB Films Featuring Talking Animals


Although chimpanzees, bonobos, meerkats, bees, dolphins, sea lions and even mustached bats are said to “communicate” with other members of their species, humans remain to this day the undisputed bosses of language on planet Earth. It’s nothing personal, nor to celebrate. A cursory glance at the world will convince you this language superiority of ours more »

A sneak peek inside our 3D lab at the NFB

The Craft

Drux Flux (3D) by Theodore Ushev, National Film Board of Canada With the addition of 3D films to, I thought I’d take the opportunity to pull back the curtain and let you all peek inside the NFB’s StereoLab. The StereoLab is an experimental project that does production as well as research and development into more »

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