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NFB’s Resources for teachers: Tops in their Class


Discover a trove of entertaining and enriching NFB resources to help teachers teach and students learn.

Unsuitable Actions

Reel Talk: Using NFB Films during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, May 2013


This post was written by Ashley Catania, an NFB Education Specialist based in Toronto. Ashley is an advocate for creating awareness about gender equality and violence against women and children, and for bringing about social change through media. Warning: This post contains difficult subject matter and is intended for educators and parents. Please review all more »


Learning through Empathy: New Resources for Teachers


The “Learning  through Empathy” Playlists for Educators How do a family, a school and a community benefit from empathy? Empathy allows us to see the world from divergent and even opposing perspectives, and to experience the feelings of another person or group. It’s an essential component in our ethnically and culturally diverse country—and in our more »

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