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Hoisted by my own petard

HothouseThe Craft

The following is a guest post by Gregory Labute. After years of being a software developer specializing in tools for animation, I finally get to see first hand what all the fuss is about. I am currently in the thick of Hothouse 6 – writing, directing, and animating my very own 3D stereocopic movie using more »

Hothouse 6 Call for Submissions

HothouseThe Craft

The following is a guest post by Maral Mohammadian. Tell it in a minute. Do it in 3 months. Make it Stereoscopic 3D. After a lot of hard work to put the pieces in place, we are thrilled to announce that Hothouse 6 is open for submissions. A new dimension this year — and a more »

Free 3D screenings at the Ottawa International Film Festival, October 15-18


9 short 3D (stereoscopic) films are being screened this weekend at the Ottawa International Animation Festival that will give viewers a glimpse at what we’ve been up to in our NFB Stereolab over the past 6 years. This collection of films celebrates 3-D as an evolving storytelling medium and includes Falling in Love Again, June, more »

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