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Cordell Barker

(Relatively) Pain-Free Sketching

The Craft

Animator Cordell Barker returns for a quick post on the pains of sketching and the tablet apps that significantly lessen them.


StopMoStudio in Action


This is a guest post written by Alanna Penney, who teaches grade 7 Modern Art at Macdonald Drive Junior High in St.John’s, Newfoundland. About 4 years ago, I decided to incorporate stop-motion animation into my teaching. I had participated in a teacher inservice where I experienced first hand how to make a stop-motion animation. I more »


Hothouse 7: Take That, Fat Cat!


The following is a guest post by Candace Couse. Today Jelena (editor) put together a presentation for the group on her role in our films. It was impressive to see how she transforms a story from something inexplicable to an ascertainable narrative that relays itself from start to finish. I was supposed to meet with more »

Paula Storyboard

Hothouse 7: Storyboard


The following is a guest post by Paula Gillgannon.   It’s the day after the first critique of my storyboard. While I mull over suggestions I will begin work building my puppet and set pieces. Luckily my sculpting supplies arrived in the mail yesterday evening. I’ll be making fast cheap armatures from aluminum wire. Since more »

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