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Hyperlocal: Integrating Past and Present in Interactive Design


This is a guest post from NFB Interactive producer Jennifer Moss. Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons are the dynamic creative duo known in the back alleys and coffee shops of Vancouver as “The Goggles.” They are the creators behind the NFBs wonderful interactive documentary about a vanished Canadian town, Welcome to Pine Point, and were more »


The Besnard Lakes to release EP based on Welcome to Pine Point score

Montreal husband-and-wife indie-rock duo The Besnard Lakes announced they will soon release a 12-inch vinyl titled You Lived in the City based on their score for the interactive projet/web doc/”liquid book” Welcome to Pine Point. As reported by’s Alex Hudson: The release will be out September 20 via Jagjaguwar. In addition to the band’s more »


Welcome to Pine Point wins 2 Webby Awards

On Monday, The Goggles (Mike Simons and Paul Shoebridge) were named double Webby Award winners for Welcome to Pine Point, their first-ever interactive web documentary. The Vancouver creative duo received a Webby for Documentary: Individual Episode in the Online Film & Video category, and another for Netart, in the Websites category. Informally known as the more »


Welcome to Pine Point: An interview with The Goggles

The Craft

Some towns thrive and some towns fall to ruin, but a town that gets flattened to the ground and erased from the map altogether? That’s both highly unusual and exactly what happened to Pine Point, a Northwest Territories town that is the subject of a neat interactive project about memory and belonging recently launched on more »

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