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Roadsworth: Crossing the Line clip plays on Boing Boing


Boing Boing Video has a 7-minute excerpt from Alan Kohl’s feature documentary, Roadsworth: Crossing the Line. It’s definitely worth checking out, and if you happen to be in the Austin, Texas area this week, you can catch the whole film at the SXSW festival this Saturday. Check the SXSW Web site for details.

Orange: Interview with filmmaker Sylvie Trouvé

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We have recently posted a Hothouse 5 playlist that showcases the 1-minute animated shorts that resulted from this year’s Hothouse Emerging Filmmaker Program. One film in particular, Orange, is already creating a buzz. A loving and whimsical tour of the city, Orange celebrates the urban spaces of Montreal. To find out more about what inspired more »

Roadsworth Airs on Télé-Québec on Monday February 9


Catch Alan Kohl’s documentary, Roadsworth: Crossing the Line tonight on Télé-Québec at 9:00 pm. Roadsworth paints a portrait of artist Peter Gibson, who used the city streets of Montreal as canvases. He stencilled vines along traffic dividers, turned crosswalks into boot prints and, in the process, raised the pertinent issues of art and freedom of more »

Roadsworth: Crossing the Line


Roadsworth: Crossing the Line, a film that looks at an artist who embeds art into the streets in a clever way. Director Alan Kohl’s debut documentary follows Montreal artist “Roadsworth,” who forces the city and its citizens to question the meaning of public space. His work lands him with heavy fines and arouses hot debate more »

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