New NFB Video Plugin for WordPress!

The NFB Video Plug-in is designed to make one thing we all love about the internet a whole lot easier: Sharing. More specific to this plugin: Sharing videos. How is this made any easier than pasting an embed into your post? Pasting the URL. You don’t need to mess with the width and height of embeds anymore. To adjust this you go to Settings -> NFB Video Settings of your WordPress administration panel (once you’ve installed the plugin) and set the default size that will fit perfectly for your post column.

The plugin also allows you to show a caption for the video which can include the title, director, and/or the provider.

Example : For the NFB, it could show…

Arkelope by Roslyn Schwartz
National Film Board of Canada

To install the plugin, go to the plugins panel in your WordPress admin and click on Add New, type NFB in the search and it will give you NFB Video Plugin. Click Install to install it. Then activate the plugin in your Plugins. For those who prefer to install it themselves, visit the plugin page on to download it.

To use this plugin after you’ve installed it you only need to do two things. Visit NFB or Vimeo, find yourself on one of the film pages like and paste the URL into your blog post.

If you want to change the default size of the embeds and decide what part of the caption (if you want one) to show, go to Settings -> NFB Video Settings. You should be good to go!

How is this possible?

The plugin uses a ‘specification’ known as OEmbed which allows us to receive an embedded version of the video that is contained in a page requested by your URL.

What is OEmbed?

OEmbed is a format returned in XML or JSON (currently using XML in our plugin) that allows an embedded view of a URL on a webpage. Its specification can be used for inserting static photos, playable videos, linking to a resource, and rich HTML content that doesn’t fit the other 3 categories.

In Embedding My Opera content (oEmbed), CSTREP explains the use of OEmbed in My Opera in order to share photos.

If you’d like to know how to use it without the plugin you can visit Get Started With OEmbed or visit the OEmbed site.

We will be presenting this plugin at Wordcamp Montreal 2009 July 11-12 for those of you who will be attending the WordPress event.

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