How we use Social Media

Why does the NFB use social media?

We just want people to know about our films.

What is our Social Media strategy?

Not so much of a “strategy”, really… We just talk about films through 4 channels: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs.

Of course we talk about our films – but we also talk about other people’s films whenever we can. (Nothing’s more annoying that someone who only talks about themselves).

How’s it going so far?

Twitter – Microblogging conversation
Twitter is probably our favourite place to talk about films right now. We have about 7000 followers and get about 500 new followers every week. The conversation is so active. We jumped onto Twitter in early 2008 and right now we score at the top of a lot of lists for documentary film on Twitter.

You should follow us on Twitter here.

YouTube – Video sharing

We have nearly 16,000 subscribers to our channel and get tons of film-views every day on YouTube. We’re averaging nearly 10,000 views every day. We don’t get much traffic from YouTube, that’s just the nature of the channel. But it’s a great tool for raising visibility of our films and projects.


We started our Facebook page about a year ago and have just over 2000 fans. The conversation is just starting to pick up now. We do T-shirt and DVD giveaways and the geo-targeting tool means it’s great for sending out notifications for local events and screenings to specific communities across Canada.

And of course

Our website,, is itself a social media tool. People are sharing and embedding our films on their blogs and sites across the internet. The films are becoming social objects and starting new conversations every day.

What about you?

How are you using social media? How can we improve the way we are using these tools?

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  1. I think you guys are definitely leading the way for the doc film community. Keep up the good work!