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4 interactive projects up for the 2011 FITC People’s Choice Awards


The 2011 FITC (Flash in the Can) Awards are coming up fast and this year the NFB has 4 interactive projects competing for prizes. It’s a People’s Choice Award, which means you decide the winner. Our 4 projects are: The Test Tube with David Suzuki (Experimental Flash) – An interactive parable about our insatiable appetites, more »


One-woman film crew Dianne Whelan talks about shooting on Everest and in the Canadian Arctic

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I told you earlier this week I’d try to get Dianne Whelan on the phone to pick her brains about making This Land, her great Arctic documentary, and talk about what she’s been up to since. Well, a promise is a promise, guys. I spoke to Dianne yesterday, from her home in Garden Bay near more »

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