Hothouse 7: Working at the Headquarters


The following is a guest post by Eva Cvijanovic.

So I still have a night job once  or twice a week, and this week it was really slow, so I seized the opportunity to draw some ideas on a piece of napkin. On the featured image, you see the napkin taped to the animation desk… in my office… at the NFB headquarters!!!! This week, I moved my computer and my work gear there since I was offered this amazing opportunity being the only one based in Montreal who is able to fit coming here daily  into my schedule.

I guess I’ll be your 9-5 Film Board office correspondent! Lunches are the best time, because there’s a whole lot of stories about the present and the past and there always seems to be a new person joining the lunch table with an anecdote… It’s all a bit too much for one post, so for now, here’s  a very, very rough 10-second video of my office 🙂 music bit by Martin Cesar, aka Dishwasher (