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Editorial manager of the Montreal's interactive studio since January 2013, Valerie has a formation in journalism from UQAM. Before entering the NFB, she worked at Urbania and in diverse magazine publications in Montreal. Writing is her #1 expression method, and her passion for synonyms has no limits. You can write to her at and follow her on Twitter @valdarveau Chargée d'édition du studio des productions interactives depuis janvier 2013, Valérie a une formation en journalisme de l'Université du Québec à Montréal. Avant de faire son entrée à l'ONF, elle a fait ses classes chez Urbania et dans diverses magazines montréalais. L'écriture est son mode d'expression par excellence, et sa passion pour les synonymes est sans limite. Écrivez-lui à l'adresse : ou suivez-la sur Twitter @valdarveau


Public participation in web docs as seen by 4 creators


How do we manage participation in web docs? David Dufresne, Guillaume Braun, Caroline Hayeur and Rachel Knoll deliver their expertise on the subject.


An insider’s look at the NFB interactive studio in Montreal


Each month, the NFB interactive studio in Montreal takes you backstage with a blog post on a hot topic in interactivity and digital media.

Elizabeth Simmonds

Olympic Swimmer Elizabeth Simmonds Comes Out: She Is an Insomniac


In April 2013, hundreds of confessions collected over several months via the webcam, keyboard and mouse from insomniacs all over the world were assembled into the interactive documentary A Journal of Insomnia. This summer, discover the stories of celebrities who agreed to come out and provide you with their nocturnal confessions. Just like the insomniacs


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