Celebrate summer vacation with Summer Films: Part I

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Holocaust education teaching tools


Learn more about the NFB’s Holocaust educational materials, including downloadable Virtual Classrooms and a variety of films, teaching guides, and apps that can help educators stimulate learning and discussion about the Holocaust.


Haiku—calling all interactive creatives: explore the short form! The very, very short form…


The NFB and Arte are partnering on a call for proposals in a new interactive creative project called Haiku. If you were to bring this short form to life, how would you design an interactive haiku? Submit your proposal for a short interactive project—12 winners will have their projects funded and posted online in 2015.


Seven Digital Deadly Sins: a new interactive web doc about online ethics


Today’s digital world brings with it a whole new set of moral dilemmas. Which ones are most common—and which ones are you guilty of? Explore digital sin confessions in this new interactive web doc.

Morten Parker

In memoriam: Morten Parker (1919-2014)


Discover the life and work of Canadian film producer, director, writer, and educator Morten Parker (1919-2014). “We were all young, we were all enthusiastic—and we were all going to change the world,” says Parker of the early days of the NFB.


Time Travel Tuesday: head back to the 1960s with 5 black-and-white gems


Ah, the romance of an era long gone. Take a tour through a sumptuous selection of stylish, seductive, and sonorous black-and-white films from the 1960s. It’ll almost feel like you were there…


Listen up, emerging animators: now’s your time to shine in the 10th season of Hothouse

HothouseNewsThe Craft

The tenth annual edition of this 12-week full-time apprenticeship for emerging animators is now underway. Get all the details about the call for proposals here. Animators: start your engines!


Frame x Frame: Animated Film at the NFB, a new exhibit at Les Musées de la civilisation à Québec


Going to Quebec City? Learn more about what’s on offer at Frame x Frame: Animated Film at the NFB, a new exhibit at Les Musées de la civilisation à Québec.


NFB Film Club’s stellar programming for fall 2014


Want to see an amazing new film for free at your local public library? Find out more about the NFB Film Club here, and get your community together to enjoy and discuss the latest and greatest NFB productions.

Making Movie History: A Portrait in 61 Parts

Explore “Making Movie History: A Portrait in 61 Parts”, a new web doc series


Want to know more about how and why Canadian film culture came to be the way it is? Go straight to the source in our new interactive web doc! Interviews with poets, dreamers, and pioneers reveal the history of the NFB… and maybe even a bit about what movies mean to Canadians today.


Hit the lights! CAMPUS offers curated educational materials for the digital era


Get to know CAMPUS, your online streaming room of digital education content. Educators: you may have a subscription through your school board, and you might not even know it! Find out more in this post.


Celebrating 75 years of cinema history with a pretty cool timeline


Check out this infographic to see what we’ve done and where we’ve been over the past 75 years. Share it widely on your networks, because who doesn’t love a good infographic, right? Cinema history is full of milestones, and we’re proud to say many of them have taken place at the NFB.

Forbidden Love

Celebrate the re-release of “Forbidden Love” with 4 LGBTQ films


The seminal feature doc Forbidden Love, about women`s same-sex relationships across decades in Canada, has now been remastered and re-released. Watch a related selection of LGBTQ films on NFB.ca now and get to know the gay community`s struggles, triumphs, histories, and hopes.