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The Movie That Influenced Kubrick’s 2001


Last week on the French side of, we paid homage to a few of the greatest international filmmakers of the 20th century: Godard, Rossellini, Lucas, and Herzog. Each filmmaker has greatly contributed to international cinema, but did you know all four of them were influenced by NFB films? One such film happens to be more »

Roman Kroitor

Death of Roman Kroitor: Canada and the Film World Lose a Pioneer


Canadian and world cinema has lost a true giant, with the death yesterday of film pioneer and former NFB colleague Roman Kroitor. Born on December 12, 1926, in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Kroitor made enormous contributions to filmmaking during his tenure at the NFB in the 1950s and 1960s, developing the IMAX giant-screen format at the NFB’s more »


Satellites of the Sun: The Wonders of Earth and Space

ReviewsThe Craft

What are 1685 Toro and 3753 Cruithne?

Read this post to find out.

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