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Chris Landreth blogging on The Spine website

In keeping with the whole animation theme, I’m going to point you towards Chris Landreth’s blog this week. For those of you unfamiliar with Chris’ work, he’s the animator/director behind Ryan and The Spine.

The Spine has a really cool website, with a a lot of behind-the-scenes clips for those of you eager to learn about different animation techniques. But even better (in my humble opinion) is his blog.

Even though I think this is his first foray into blogging, Chris has proven to be a real natural. Totally unselfconscious in his writing, he’s got a great tone and shifts easily between topics, from his recent cold to his work to his life to his travels. And there’s always a little nugget in each post, something that resonates, or informs you in some way.

His most recent post, Wu Wei,  is a perfect example of this. He starts off relating an anecdote from his past and somewhere along the way, it morphs into a lesson on animation techniques, complete with examples from the most unlikely places.

So check out the blog, and let me know what you think. Maybe if we rally the troops, we can get him to do a guest post over here…

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  1. Or at least have comments activated!! Hey, isn’t Chris’s blog and this blog both Nfb blogs?

    — Michael Fukushima,

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