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Hothouse 7: The Last Picnic (Kind Of)

Hothouse 7: The Last Picnic (Kind Of)

Hothouse 7: The Last Picnic (Kind Of)

The following is a guest post by Jason Lee.

The Hothousers finally convened at the National Film Board of Canada in Montreal yesterday to celebrate and showcase their newly finished films to a packed audience.

Applause for Hothousers
Hothouse 7 Editor Jelena Popovic
Hothouse 7 Producer Michael Fukushima
Hothouse 7 Composers The Pop Winds


Hothouser Aimée Van Drimmélén and Technical Supervisor Randall Finnerty


Filmmaker Claire Blanchet, a friend, and Hothouser Eva Cvijanovic


Hothousers Tabitha Fisher and Paula Gillgannon


Filmmaker Fred Casia, Hothouse 7 Mentor Luigi Allemano, and Filmmaker Brandon Blommaert

Stay tuned for more details about when and where to watch the amazing new slate of Hothouse films on the NFB website.

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  1. Not certain, but either Eva or Aimée is in the Judas spot. Hmm.

    — Michael Fukushima,

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