Hothouse 7: Animating…..


The following is a guest post by Eva Cvijanovic.

I’ve been away from blogging for a while now because I was working HARD! But I’ll try and make up for it.

We had a deadline today for our “online test”, for which we’re exporting a very short segment of the film, that looks as close to the final version as possible, and then we test it on a gazillion-dollar super-monitor for potential visual glitches.

So I was animating away, trying to make an awesomely animated test, and while doing it, I discovered that animating with many layers is quite complex, especially when they’re all part of one single face (I’m used to having the face all on one layer, and here, I was working with up to 6! ON Paper!). But I did many trials, and I filmed myself, and I printed pictures from those videos, and I did tons and tons of line tests…

…… AAAAAND I still have A LOT more work to do, but I’m improving. So although I’m still ways away form my desired acting skills, I’m sharing these tiny test videos with y’all!

More to come!