Free Animation! | Watch 5 Shorts about Kids and Dads on

This Father’s Day, celebrate dads everywhere with this neat selection of films that explore the joys and challenges of fatherhood. Yay, dads!

1. There are many roads to fatherhood

Some of them quite unexpected

Every ChildEugene Fedorenko,National Film Board of Canada

2. It’s a winding journey, dotted with difficult decisions

Their decisions will forever impact more people than just them

Jaime Lo, Small and ShyLillian Chan,National Film Board of Canada

3. Try as they might, they’re bound to encounter opposition

Freud says it isn’t personal

OedipusPaul Driessen,National Film Board of Canada

4. Yet dads would risk everything for their kids

Anything to give them more than they had and see them happy

The Chinese ViolinJoe Chang,National Film Board of Canada

5. Even though their precious advice too often falls on deaf ears

Listen to your dad!!!

IcarusPaul Bochner,National Film Board of Canada