5 Killer, Free Apps You Need To Download Right Now


Your time is valuable, so why waste it with boring apps?

Download these 5 killer, free apps today, and discover new points-of-view, new ways to create, new adventures worlds, and new ways to experience history.

The Enemy

The Enemy - Free Apps

The enemy – Free App from the National Film Board

Discover a different perspective on war in our brand-new, 360°, augmented reality app that puts you in the middle of some of the planet’s longest-running conflicts. Your presence changes everything.

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McLaren’s Workshop

McLaren's Workshop - Free Apps

McLarens Workshop – Free App from the National Film Board

Let your inner artistic genius flourish with our app that provides access to 51 works by animation pioneer Norman McLaren, and lets you create your own animation films using 3 animation techniques pioneered by the man himself.

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I Love Potatoes

I Love Potatoes - Free Apps

I Love Potatoes – Free App from the National Film Board

In Potatoland, potatoes make the world go round! But after tragedy strikes, a young boy named Chips finds himself on an adventure to save his community and overturn the potatosaurus Monster’s reign. Help Chips collect potatoes in our award-winning, interactive game!

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Welcome to Pine Point

Welcome to Pine Point - Free Apps

Welcome to Pine Point – Free App from the National Film Board

Some communities thrive and others fall to ruin, but a town that gets erased from the map altogether?! That was the unlikely fate of Pine Point, a Northwest Territories town that was brought back to life.

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Circa 1948

Circa 1948 - Free Apps

Circa 1948 – Free App from the National Film Board

Join acclaimed Canadian artist Stan Douglas as he eavesdrops on post-war Vancouver, and takes you on a phantasmagoric journey through two communities that no longer exist: the original Hotel Vancouver and its posh surroundings, and seedy Hogan’s Alley. Heighten your experience with this walk-through guide book!

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