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A Tale of Cannibalism | Watch Passage on

Passage (2008) presents a tragic, disturbing tale about a crew who, faced with the inescapable fate of dying of hunger, committed acts of cannibalism. Englishman eating Englishman?! Impossible, you might say. Unthinkable! But… is it?


Rent 3 Hard-Hitting Docs on Mental Illness and Violent Crime


Rent Life With Murder, NCR: Non Criminally Responsible and Out of Mind, Out of Sight, a trilogy of John Kastner docs about mental illness and violent crime.


Hidden Treasures from the Archives – A Letter from Roberto Rossellini


Read a hand written letter from Italian filmmaker Roberto Rossellini, found in the NFB archives. A truly valuable and exciting discovery!


Women and Film: A Tribute to the Female Pioneers of the NFB


During the early 1940s, women occupied a marginal—if not non-existent—role in production at the National Film Board of Canada. At the time, the NFB was primarily engaged in producing propaganda films to counter Nazi ideology, and educational titles designed to interpret Canada to Canadians. Founded by government decree in 1939, the NFB was first headed


70 Years of Animation, Part 2 – Norman McLaren

*This post is a translation from French. You can see the original post here. In Part One, I mentioned that while the NFB initially lacked an animation department, by signing a co-production agreement with the Disney studio and buying films by Philip Ragan, an American animator living in Philadelphia, it was able to start producing


70 Years of Animation, Part 1 – When Animation Marches Off to War


*This post is a translation from French. You can see the original post here. Since September 2011, the National Film Board of Canada and the Aéroports de Montréal are presenting an exhibition of photographs drawn from the NFB’s 7 Oscar-crowned animated films. Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport will showcase L’imagination comme bagage / The Inspired


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