Explore the world of documentary—including biography, history, social and political issues, global cultures, and aboriginal topics.

Take a Whale-Watching Adventure with Bill Mason

In Search of the Bowhead Whale (directed by Bill Mason) documents a World Wildlife Fund expedition in Icy Cape Alaska looking for the elusive Bowhead whale.


The Wellness Craze: Everything Old Is New Again

“Self-care” and “wellness” are two of the biggest buzzwords of the past decade, but the concept has been around for a while. Here are 5 films that tell the story.


Unsung Canadian Heroes: Police Officers


Unsung heroes are all around us; sometimes we see them, sometimes we don’t. This series focuses on those heroes, and how they contribute to our society.


No Time Machine Required

No time machine required! Watch four prehistoric adventures about dinosaurs, caves and mammoths, fossilized on film for your viewing pleasure!


The Masters Series: Alanis Obomsawin

Alanis Obomsawin has made 50 films in a 50-year career with the National Film Board of Canada. It makes it hard to narrow it down to just 5.


🤘 Rock On with 4 Docs about Rock Music 🤘

Grab a guitar, throw up some horns, and crack it up to 11 as we give you a VIP backstage tour of four documentaries all about Rock Music.


Satisfy Your Grace and Frankie Withdrawal Here

Finished binge-watching Grace and Frankie? We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 great films about elderly women who shoot from the hip.


Courtney Montour Investigates her Fearless Legacy


Documentarian Courtney Montour seeks material on Mary Two-Axe Earley and her historic fight on behalf of Indigenous women.


DIY Movies for Master Artisans

Enjoy a lovingly constructed this list of documentaries featuring expert craftspeople and artisans alike who are masters of what they create.


Time Flies When You’re Watching Films

The concept of time is a constant presence in our lives. Presented in no particular chronological order, enjoy 3 films you can waste some time with.


Tour Parliament Hill From Your Living Room


With the centre block closing for 10 years for renovations, we’ve found 3 films that offer a tour of Parliament, along with the rest of Ottawa.


NFB Pause: Marc St-Pierre Time Travels Everyday

Discover some hidden gems with our French collection curator, Marc St-Pierre, as he discusses the wonders of our archive in the latest episode of NFB Pause!