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The New Alchemists: Growing Food Without Fuel or Toxins

Is living green the prerogative of the rich? Meet a cool crew of visionary scientists who proved it wasn’t with The New Alchemists, an enchanting short summer film by Dorothy Todd-Hénault.


Photo Friday | Summertime from Coast to Coast

How is everyone’s summer so far? Finding time to enjoy the breeze and smell the roses? Appreciate Canada’s summertime beauty and thank our lucky stars we get to call this vast and bountiful land home with these few photographs from Trans Canada Summer (not online), a 1958 film that followed the Trans-Canada Highway from east to west.


Memory Rediscovered: The 1976 Montreal Olympics

*This post is a translation. Read the French original here. Forty years ago, on July 17, 1976 to be exact, the eyes of the entire world were fixed on Montréal. In an Olympic Stadium filled to maximum capacity, the athletes from 92 countries filed in under their respective colours and flags in front of an


40th Anniversary of the 1976 Olympics: A Look at the Athletes that Did Not Medal

When Montreal was awarded the 1976 Olympics, the National Film Board of Canada was commissioned by the International Olympic Committee to produce the official film of the event. At the same time, the NFB produced several satellite films focusing on individual sports and athletes. My blog post today will focus on one of the satellite


Cape Breton | Three Short Films; One Magical Island


Offering breathtaking seascapes and a lively mix of Gaelic, Aboriginal and Acadian cultures, Cape Breton is an island as unique as it is loved. Discover some of the island’s history, inhabitants and customs with these 3 short films. It’s Just Better From Beverly Shaffer (I’ll Find a Way) comes this sweet short doc about Shawn Peter Dywer, a


Maritime Treasures | Visit Fundy National Park With This Sweet Fifties Short


Love tennis? Excited about early morning moose sightings? Enjoy dressing your entire family in lumberjack shirts when going camping? Fundy’s National Park got you covered!


19 Days | Meet the Woman Behind the House

Asha Siad, co-director of 19 Days, sat down with Margaret Stycynska, the Manager of Resettlement & Integration Services with the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society. You can read the interview here: Asha Siad: Can you tell us how the Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre came to be? Margaret Stycynska: When I came first to Canada as a refugee


Mark World Refugee Day with 19 Days

Mark World Refugee Day with this short doc that follows refugee families through their 19-day welcoming process at a resettlement centre in Calgary.


Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards 2016 | Watch 6 Short Docs Celebrating the Laureates

This past Saturday, six of the country’s greatest performing arts stars and champions were awarded a Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, a prestigious annual distinction presented in collaboration with the National Arts Center. As is now tradition, we produced for the occasion a series of short documentary films profiling and honouring the laureates. More than your


Photo Friday | Inside Alberta’s Seclusive Hutterite Colonies


Legendary NFB filmmaker (1926-2016) Colin Low had a gift for capturing life. From Fogo Island to the ancestral lands of the Blood Indians, Low entered isolated communities and captured lives rarely – if ever – seen on film. A great example of his knack for gaining both trust of and access to his subjects is his short film The Hutterites


Photo Friday | Wolves-O-Rama


Fairy tales wolves get a bad rap. They’re always up to no good, terrorizing helpless pigs or chowing down grandmothers. But how savage are wolves in reality? According to filmmaker Bill Mason, who spent a fair part of his career learning about, caring for and filming wolves, not very. On the contrary, wolves are disciplined hunters, respected leaders


Photo Friday | Young, Wild and Free: Hanging Out With Fogo’s Children

Fogo is an island that lies off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, in the Atlantic Ocean. Though only about 25 km long and 14 km wide, the island has always fascinated anyone brave and determined enough to set foot there… or blessed enough to have entered the world there. The NFB’s own Colin Low (1926-2016) was one