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Make a Norman McLaren of Yourself with Our New iPad App

Yesterday, we launched McLaren’s Workshop, a nifty free iPad app aimed at making the world a bit less unfair. Because let’s be honest: life is terribly unfair. Most of us live lives of acceptable averageness, with some excellence thrown in (unsurpassed skill at assembling Ikea furniture, for instance, or best chili in town, or hula more »

Collage Workshops 2

New Montreal Educational Workshop Studios Now Open!


By Estelle Lagueux, Supervisor, Educational Programs It was with nervous anticipation that the NFB’s new educational programming team recently welcomed its first group of students to a freshly redesigned space at our operational headquarters in Montreal’s Saint-Laurent borough. The young people said it was inspiring to find themselves in the same building where so many more »

Mr. Frog Went A-Courting

Frog Meets Mouse: Evelyn Lambart’s Mr. Frog Went A-Courting


Check out Evelyn Lambart’s superb paper cutout animation about the unlikely entanglements of a frog and a pointy-snouted mouse.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Keep Your Mouth Shut: McLaren’s 1944 “Stop Snitching” Film


If remembering the past is essential to understanding the present, remembering the NFB’s past is essential and occasionally totally hilarious. Consider for example Keep Your Mouth Shut, a 1944 animated short by Norman McLaren. A surreal, macabre invitation to shush your mouth, the film is fascinating for a number of reasons: It is one of more »

A Chairy Tale

Hot Shots: Norman McLaren, Claude Jutra and Ravi Shankar on Set in 1957

ReviewsThe Craft

A Chairy Tale is a short film about a chair with a mind of its own that refuses to be sat on. It was directed by NFB legends Norman McLaren and Claude Jutra in 1957. Using pixilation, the film depicts a young Jutra (dapper at 27) as he struggles with this recalcitrant though unassuming piece more »


70 Years of Animation, Part 2 – Norman McLaren

The Craft

*This post is a translation from French. You can see the original post here. In Part One, I mentioned that while the NFB initially lacked an animation department, by signing a co-production agreement with the Disney studio and buying films by Philip Ragan, an American animator living in Philadelphia, it was able to start producing more »

Chairy Tale

U.S. high school students get engaged with NFB films


On October 6, 2011, I had the great opportunity to deliver a customized NFB Media Literacy workshop at the John F.  Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Entitled “Film: Decoding the Message – A Film Screening and Discussion,” the workshop was offered to a group of middle and high school students, and more »

Neighbours: The NFB’s Second Oscar Winner


The story behind the production and distribution of Norman McLaren’s Neighbours; The National Film Board’s second Oscar winner.

Norman McLaren and the UNESCO Memory of the World Registry


It was announced last week that the complete works of Norman McLaren has been added to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Memory of the World Registry. This is huge news, people. It means that films like Neighbours, Boogie Doodle and A Chairy Tale will live among Anne Frank’s Diaries, the Gutenberg more »

Extreme remixes McLaren’s Neighbours


A while back, the heavy metal group Extreme released a single called Rest in Peace. The video has a vaguely familiar feel to it. Watch Norman McLaren’s animated short Neighbours then watch the Extreme video on and let me know what you think…

Win Animated Film DVD Collection from Animation World Network


Animation World Network is giving away NFB animated film collections on DVD. Read more to learn how to enter. Launches Playlist Contest


It’s been almost two weeks since our official launch and we’re still in awe of the incredible response we’ve had to The comments we’ve read – both on our blog and on others across the Web – have been incredible and have really made all our hard work worthwhile. We want to thank you more »

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