Behind the scenes: Hothouse 6

A while back I published a series of interviews with this year’s 6 Hothouse participants. As much as I believe in the power of words to evoke, I was a little dismayed we couldn’t show you the films they made during the program. (They are so good.)

Well the bad news is I still can’t show you the Hothouse 6 films (let me just say that streaming stereoscopic 3D online isn’t a no-brainer). The good news is that the Hothouse czars provided me with a fun little behind-the-scenes film (directed by Jelena Popović and made in 3D) featuring the six participants, the producers, their mentor (and even a smelly fish!) for you to watch. At, we care about quelling your curiosity.

Hope you enjoy it, I think it’s pretty fun. And in case you missed the Hothouse 6 interview series, you may find all the entries on the blog. Just click on the animator’s name to see the post.

Kiarra AlbinaFred CasiaGreg LabuteMegan TurnbullZane KozakMarie Valade

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