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Hothouse7: The Final Countdown.

Hothouse7: The Final Countdown.

Hothouse7: The Final Countdown.

The following is a guest post by Andrew Hicks.

We’re at the end of the homestretch! Final sound mixes are mixing and 3D credits are, umm well… being fixed  to actually work in 3D. Fingers and eyes crossed.

But, while I have you..

5.1 mixing was very interesting. To hear your sound edit amplified in a theatre setting can be a bit overwhelming, but adds another dimension to the film overall. In my case, it was interesting to justify what sounds needed more attention than others while not only being in stereoscopic 3D, but the fact that my visuals are pretty abstract and have no natural or familiar sound to most of us humans.

My directorial sound mixing process you ask?

1. I would sit by Serge (our sound mixer) and ask for a subtle change in the mix. Serge makes the change and looks at me.

2. I would look to Luigi (mentoring director and sound designer) with my eyebrows raised and a smile. Behind him is Michael (Producer).

3. Silence. Serge hovers his fingers over “Ctrl + Z”

4. A bead of sweat rolls down my face as I justify my reasoning.

But hey, I’m learning folks.

Stay tuned for a video on the making of my animation!



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  1. Are you sure Serge actually made the change? It’s a trick we play, sometimes.

    Ctrl + Z…very funny.

    — Michael Fukushima,

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