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Welcome to the new NFB blog!

Welcome to the new NFB blog!

Welcome to the new NFB blog!

New look, same great content

Welcome to the new visual layout of our blog. We’ve had a bit of a facelift, and we invite you to try out the new features, which will keep you connected with all the great content we publish. But not to worry: all the old blog posts we’ve published still live on this blog (popular favourites such as “Quilt Fever” and “Stories We Tell: A post by Sarah Polley” are still archived on the new blog).

Subscribe, follow us, and get updates

First and most importantly, you can subscribe to the blog so that new posts will be delivered straight to your inbox (just FYI, we publish about 2-4 posts per week), and you can also sign up for the RSS feed. These options, plus the icons through which you can follow us on our various social media profiles (“Connect with us”), are located in the top right corner of the home page:

Connect with us

You can also easily subscribe to our weekly newsletter by clicking on the “Subscribe Now” button located in the top right-hand side of the home page, below the featured post and above the “We Recommend” column.

New Categories

The new blog has four permanent categories (News, The Craft, Reviews, and Education) and one seasonal (Hothouse).

In News you’ll find everything that’s fit to blog about in the film and media communities including NFB announcements, interactive project launches, festivals, awards, calls for proposals, and app releases.

In The Craft, we’ll be publishing updates, tips, and other useful information for creators in the film and media industries, including interviews with practitioners and discussion of emerging technologies, forms, and audiences.

In Reviews, we’re offering up a selection of some of the more than 2,000 films (animations, documentaries, fiction) and interactive projects we’re streaming on category includes everything from musings, histories, and critiques to exclusive behind-the-scenes info.

In Education, we’ll highlight the educational potential of our film collection, as well as specific ways in which our movies can be used in the classroom and beyond, including links to CAMPUS for subscribers. You’ll also get updates on what our Education team is up to across the country and the globe.

Finally, in our seasonal Hothouse category, you can dive in to the animation processes, techniques, aesthetics, vision, and enthusiasm of our annual Hothouse participants. Hothouse is a 12-week paid apprenticeship for emerging animation filmmakers, and each year’s participants manage to outdo the last’s!

Classic blog roll, featured posts, and recommendations

The new blog will feature all recent posts in chronological order as you scroll down. That means the posts are no longer ordered by category the way they were in our old blog. Instead of a slideshow in the blog’s header, we’ll feature our post du jour—something we think you’ll find interesting and timely (usually our most recent post). On the right-hand side next to the chronological blog roll, you’ll see a list of 3-4 recommended posts which we think you’ll like:

We Recommend

As always, if you have any questions about the blog, or any suggestions for content you’d like to see here, you can email me, your loyal blog-keeper, at

Happy reading and watching!

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  1. You are my favorite film content. And now you have a shiny blog! Great job. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great look! Much interesting! Very writing! Wow!

    — J. Levesque,

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