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Earworm alert! Sing-along with 6 animated films

Earworm alert! Sing-along with 6 animated films

Earworm alert! Sing-along with 6 animated films

As any karaoke aficionado knows, lyrics are absolutely crucial for rocking out to a great song. With that in mind, we had a few of our most popular musical animated films lyricized for your auditory enjoyment and pleasure. Now you can jam along with Canadian folk icon Wade Hemsworth as he battles the irksome blackfly or the McGarrigle Sisters as they sweep you away with a lovelorn log driver, all without missing a single beat.

Without further ado, get ready to sing!

The Log Driver’s Waltz

Music and lyrics by: Wade Hemsworth
Performed by: Kate and Anna McGarrigle

Sing along to the tale of a young girl who loves to dance and chooses to marry a log driver over his more well-to-do competitor.


The Cat Came Back

Music and lyrics by: Fiddlin’ John Carson
Performed by: John McCulloch, Ed Ledson, Richard Condie, and Cordell Barker

Our hilarious Oscar®-nominated animation tells the story of Old Mr. Johnson who drives himself crazy trying to rid himself of a little yellow cat that just won’t stay away.

Moon Man

Music and lyrics by: Stompin’ Tom Connors
Performed by: Stompin’ Tom Connors

Meet folk hero Codfish Dan, who made Newfoundland history after a lucky fishing trip on the Milky Way.

Cactus Swing

Music and lyrics by: Great Western Orchestra
Performed by: Great Western Orchestra

Follow the adventures of Pete, the North West Mounted Police officer who is awakened in the badlands by a varmint band and witnesses a cactus line dance.


Music and lyrics by: Wade Hemsworth
Performed by: Wade Hemsworth, Kate and Anna McGarrigle

Watch out for the pesky blackflies! This animated short recounts singer Wade Hemsworth’s battles with the blackflies during a summer of surveying in Northern Ontario.


Music and lyrics by: unknown
Performed by: unknown

The centuries old nursery rhyme is animated with two characters who sing while swaying along.

For more Sing-a-long songs, check out our exclusive YouTube playlist!

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  1. Great fun. I played along on the piano. Lovely to remember the McGarigales too.

    — Kringchen,

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