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Teacher Resources | Earth Day

Teacher Resources | Earth Day

Teacher Resources | Earth Day

April 22 marks Earth Day, the yearly holiday where people around the world discuss environmental issues. Earth Day allows for us to recognize our impact on the environment and gives us the opportunity to brainstorm ways to protect it from harm and promote sustainability.

Below are resources we’ve made for both primary and secondary students on the subject of the environment and sustainability.

PD Session

With over 25 years of teaching experience, from kindergarten level to Grade 8, Brenda MacNaughton loves to spark students’ interest using digital and print media. In her role as teacher-librarian, she teaches Media Literacy, the Arts, Science, Social Studies and Health. She enjoys integrating learning with community projects such as pollinator gardens and visiting local Indigenous Peoples. She has also created a buddy program with the organization Community Living.

What Rhymes with Toxic?

What Rhymes with Toxic, Lynn Smith, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

Chemical sludge is spilling into the lake. For the city councillor responsible, it’s just a big nuisance. For the wildlife, it’s a catastrophe. One turtle, in her desperate hour, summons up the courage to leave her home and speak truth to power. Turns out there’s more at stake than just the lake.

Mini-Lesson for What Rhymes with Toxic?

Overarching Question: What can be done to cope with the denial of an environmental crisis? 

Ocean School

Ocean School aims to build an ocean-literate society by challenging learners to think critically, ask questions, gather information, explore multiple perspectives and take positive actions to improve Canadian oceans and their interconnected ecosystems. Our goal is empowerment through action-driven inquiry-based learning, in order to bring about environmental and social change.

Dive into Ocean School!

How can you give back to the ocean?

No matter where you live, your life depends on the ocean. The ocean shapes everything, from the air you breathe and the food you eat, to the weather and climate that you experience. It’s time to give back and show the ocean we care. Make your ocean promise today!

Make your Ocean Promise today!



Ages 12-14

Ages 15+


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