NFB Film Club – Fall 2017 Programming


The NFB Film Club’s Fall 2017 lineup celebrates Canada 150 and takes you on a journey from coast to coast and reveal Canada in all its beauty and diversity.


Photo Friday | Inside Alberta’s Seclusive Hutterite Colonies


Legendary NFB filmmaker (1926-2016) Colin Low had a gift for capturing life. From Fogo Island to the ancestral lands of the Blood Indians, Low entered isolated communities and captured lives rarely – if ever – seen on film. A great example of his knack for gaining both trust of and access to his subjects is his short film The Hutterites


Making the Invisible Visible | Meet the Winning Team!

Meet the winning team, chosen by the NFB and the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, that will create an interactive work of art for a public space.


$0.99 Sale | Download 5 Charming Shorts about Canada’s Most Infamous Season

Hold onto your snazzy pompom tuques, folks! Canada’s most infamous season is at our door. Even if Montreal still looks and feels more like Halloween than ♪Falalalala, those of us who’ve been on Canada’s seasonal merry-go-round before  (-30 to +30 and back again whoa!) know it’s only a matter of time before Mother Nature gives us her months-long cold


Interactive Portrait Goes Inside US Prison System


You have a call from Herman Wallace at Louisiana State Penitentiary… So begins The Deeper They Bury Me, an interactive portrait of one of America’s most famous political prisoners — and an inside look at the system that held him in solitary confinement for most of his adult life. One of the Angola Three, Herman