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Ryan (2004)

Let the games begin: the NFB at the Oscars


Glitz and glamour, sure—but the real stars of the Oscars are the films themselves, and we’ve got a history of Oscar-winning NFB productions to prove it!

Cordell Barker in the studio

Cordell Barker on Working with Others

The Craft

Join acclaimed animator Cordell Barker as he tinkers in the studio with his new stop-motion animation project.

Cordell Barker

An Animator’s Life: Time and Distractions

I’m very aware of time. I’m always pulling out my stopwatch to time actions and then multiplying by the repetitions to find the average and calculate the completion. That is especially true when time is running very short. I’m in Montreal, racing to finish up all of my stop-motion animation before my six weeks here more »


On Track: NFB Train Films in Pictures


Aside from gondolas, better suited for bite-sized travel, trains are probably the most pleasant and picturesque way of getting from A to B. One can sleep in a train, feast in a train, daydream in a train, lulled by the rhythmic sound of train cars gliding on rails and dazzled by the scenery waltzing by. more »

Cordell Barker

(Relatively) Pain-Free Sketching

The Craft

Animator Cordell Barker returns for a quick post on the pains of sketching and the tablet apps that significantly lessen them.

Cordell Barker

How I Spent My Summer… Working

The Craft

I always seem to be working long hours during the summer months while everyone else seems to be living a life and embracing the heat. At least, that’s how I read it. It must be an immutable law of self-employment. This summer, I’m working on animation as usual, but this time on a very different more »


Animation Tips | A Lesson in Character Design

For this blog entry I thought I’d present a sampler tray of various images from the production of my film If I was God, and let you know what I was or wasn’t thinking. Figure 1, below, is a design line-up of my cast of characters. I know it probably doesn’t look like it, but more »

Cordell Barker

Animation Tips | Timing is Everything

The Craft

Take a peek at animator Cordell Barker’s creative process with this guest post about the importance of timing in filmmaking.

Chalkboard 2D design

Some Thoughts on Frog Electrocution, Plagiarism and the Pain of Being Judged

First off, I want to apologize to the last person left standing who might visit this blog to see if I’ve finally posted anything new. Well, you may or may not be in luck. Read on! I have to get something off my skinny chest. I remember back early in production on my previous film more »


If I was god: A Chronicle of Anticipated Pain

The Craft

I’m well into the beginning pre-production of my new film, tentatively titled If I was god… and decided that it might be nice to publicly note the various stages of the inevitable self-doubt I experience as I carve my way towards the end. It might be interesting (if just for me) to diarize my evolving more »


Stories From Our Land: Iqaluit Log (Part 1)


The following is a guest post by Carrie Haber. In November, I flew from Montreal to Iqaluit as an instructor for the NFB/Nunavut Film Development Corporation’s Stories From Our Land workshop. 29 participants showed up from North and South Baffin communities to plan, shoot and edit ‘micro-documentaries’ on subjects close to their hearts. They were more »

Cordell Barker on animating the documentary Cat Crazed

The Craft

Cordell Barker (Runaway, The Cat Came Back) recently did some animation for a new documentary by Bountiful Films entitled Cat Crazed. After posting the trailer for the film on our Facebook page, a fan asked about how he did the animation. Here’s what Cordell had to say: *** Cat Crazed was a great opportunity for more »

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