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Vote for the next NFB T-shirt design

Have you seen our Retro NFB T-shirts and Street Musique t-shirts? We’re going to make more…

Our designers came up with 8 T-shirt designs but we’re only going to print 1 of them at a time

Here are the designs. Which one should we make? Vote for your favourite shirt in the poll below.

21-87 Watch the film


About Puberty and Reproduction More about the film


Adventures in History


Blackfly Watch the film


Prends-la! et filme-les…


Street Musique Watch the film

Done!We made this one. You can buy this T-shirt in our store.

street-musique t-shirt

Waiting for Fidel Watch the film


We Are All Picasso About the film


Also leave a comment and let us know what you think. We’ll give away a free T-shirt to a commenter picked at random.

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What do you think of these designs? Let us know in the comments, too. One commenter will win a free NFB T-shirt!

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  1. My brother suggested I may like this website. He used
    to be entirely right. This post actually made my day.
    You can not imagine just how so much time I had spent for this info!
    Thank you!

  2. 21-87 hands down. It is a graphic that will have wide appeal!

    — Debbie,
  3. I think “Prends-la! et filme-les…” is a wonderful shirt design. Visually it upholds the unique films seen on NFB. The message says something important about filming our world, and it being in French says something about our culture. I would wear it ragged.

  4. 21-87. Arthur Lipsett was a genius.

    No offense to the designers, but I would prefer a black shirt with the opening title to “21-87” (skull with 21-87 lettering superimposed).

    — Paul,
  5. 21-87. Arthur Lipsett was a genius.

    — Paul,
  6. “Adventures in History” is my pick.
    I would wear it. (Why not have the NFB logo with the words written out, on the sleeve or back?)

    I came here today after learning that Gilles Carle had passes away.
    I am embarrased to say I do not know his films, but I will make the time to see some of them.

    I have been lucky enought to work at a film library and to know a bit about the n.f.b. What a great website!

    — Kevin Kipping,
  7. Liking the Street Musique most, you gotta get a couple Bill Mason tees though, I suggest the infamous stillframe shot from “solo whitewater”

    — Chris,
  8. I can’t stress enough how deserving 21-87 is of a tshirt (anything to spread the gospel of Lipsett!) Plus, it is the coolest of the lot.

    — Shane corkery,
  9. The Prends-la t-shirt is something I’d wear. At first you can’t see video camera but all you see is some goofy guy with bad hair and old bell bottoms. He’s telling you to take something but you don’t know then you realise what he’s saying. I just love his attire.

    — Brigitte Buck,
  10. I like the Black fly we used to watch em in the bunkhouse up the remote BC coastline. funny

    — Clayton,
  11. I get a kick out of the Blackfly song, but I do not know if I could wear a shirt that endorses the little buggers.

    Where’s the ‘Hockey Sweater’ shirt? I’d like the last page – with Carrier as a boy in the Church praying for the moths to come – as a shirt.

    — Jeremy,
  12. how about “we are all… picasso” but with its french title “bozarts” instead/also available?!

    that’s what my vote would go to!

    — mc,
  13. I like the ‘Adventures in History’ tshirt the best. These shirts are all great, but I wish that the graphics were a little bit smaller.

    — teresa,
  14. They’re all pretty great, but I think “Adventures in History” is the only one I’d purchase immediately. I like “Street Musique” too, but “Adventures” is super-great.

    — Steve,
  15. Loved Blackfly because it truly epitomizes Ontario living. Growing up in the north, this was very nostalgic for me!

    — Melanie,
  16. My vote went to the Street Musique design, but the Blackfly one is very cool too (Ralph Steadman-esque). I’m not sure to what the “Prends-la! et filme-les…” design refers though. Maybe someone can explain it to me?

    — Tyler,
  17. The favourite has to be “Blackfly”, nothing whatsoever to do with film references, but the sad fact that the little ** comes back for more, just when you think you’ve splatted him into oblivion…back he comes..angrier than ever.

  18. OK. I now know half a dozen people who want “About puberty and reproduction” t-shirts. Please print them!

  19. I voted for the Waiting for Fidel t-shirt because I’d like to see someone wearing it. They are all pretty great.

    — Anna,
  20. The blackfly one is pretty cool, and I really like the 21-87 shirt too. The story goes that that film was a major influence for Star Wars, which is rather amazing considering that it is a collage film made out of various cutting-room leftovers.

    — Laurie,
  21. I want to buy the Street Musique tee!

    — Kari Vass,
  22. Wow ! Keep up coming with these ! Are they all related to films ? Could be great to learn a bit more about where they came from.

    — mhs,
  23. Wow ! Keep up coming with these ! Are they all related to films ? Could be great to learn a bit more abour where they came from.

    — mhs,
  24. Given the number of online views Blackfly gets, that one should be a no-brainer. And “About Puberty and Reproduction” has to be in there too.

    I also vote for Waiting for Fidel and Street Musique.

  25. Definitely 21-87. Arthur Lipsett was amazing. I would definitely buy that one right away. Not sure about the others (I would also buy a Nobody Waved Goodbye shirt and a Synchromy shirt, if you offered it).


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