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How to watch our films on Boxee


We are on Boxee

The National Film Board of Canada now has a Boxee channel. That’s over 1000 NFB animated and documentary films, clips and trailers you can watch through the startup internet-TV broadcaster.

What is Boxee?

Boxee is a program that lets you watch internet video on your television. It has a simple layout that lets you flip through channels easier. Boxee also has social networking features – which means you can see what your friends are watching, what they like, and you can let them know about what you’re watching too.

How do I watch NFB films on Boxee?

The NFB channel is one of the featured channels on Boxee. So you can just download and start watching.

You can download Boxee here.*

Not yet available for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. But it’s coming soon…


Why are we on Boxee?

Why not?

Boxee is easy, free and just another way for people to watch our films. So , really, the question is Why Not?

More importantly, it’s in line with our Strategic Plan [PDF Link] which demands that we make our films “widely accessible to Canadian and international audiences on all relevant platforms of the day…”

Vote for Us
If all this sounds good to you, please take a moment and vote for the National Film Board as your favourite Boxee channel

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  1. As you can see from our website, we are about to broadcast 25 years of recorded historical presentations. I am sking if you site player may be purchased commercially?
    I recd 2007 Award from the Province of Ontario for Lifetime Heritage Conservation for my work and I would like to present the material in the best format.

    John Harris
    Personal –

  2. Are you going to make NFB material available on Plex as well?

    — nowmintyfresh,
  3. Great stuff, big thumbs up! I’ll go vote right after writing this.

    Is it region-limited? (I’m in Montreal, but my parents are retired in the States and I’ll build them a boxee box at some point)

    — j2,

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