In the interest of full disclosure, please note that the NFB is a partner in the WhoWeAre.ca web project.

WhoWeAre.ca is beta website designed to show the world who, and what, Canada is. In that vein, it’s a little similar to the Canada CODE site, but the difference here is in the content rather than the objective.

WhoWeAre.ca is comprised mainly of short films, podcasts and blog entries by Canadians about themselves and other Canadians. It’s a call to independent filmmakers and writers to rise up and be heard on a web platform that can be accessed by anyone the world over. Whereas Canada CODE offers snippets of Canadian life through the use of short texts and photographs, WhoWeAre.ca is focused on longer, more in-depth stories about people and their experiences in this country.

A great example of this is Mamon, a short film by Amil Niazi about her mother’s decision to immigrate to Canada for a shot at a better life, and how this decision affected her. The filmmaker uses a series of snapshots to illustrate her beautifully narrated story and the cohesiveness and simple elegance touched me. I connected with this film as both a mother and as a daughter, regardless of the fact that I’m a second generation Canadian.

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