20 Doc Filmmakers you should follow on Twitter

  1. @AboutDocsGuide – About.com’s documentary page
  2. @DocumentaryBlog – Doc blog by 2 doc lovers.
  3. @ErrolMorris – Oscar-winning doc-filmmaker, Errol Morris
  4. @BanffTVFest – Banff televison fest. Handy for producers.
  5. @DOCorg – Canadian documentary association
  6. @SheffDocFest Sheffield Documentary Festival; one of the biggest.
  7. @USofAfrica – a well-run doc production twitter account.
  8. @RemixManifesto – Brett Gaylor tweets about his film, RIP.
  9. @CatBirdProd – Great, focused tweets from CatBird Productions.
  10. @GFlahive– Great, film-focused tweets from an NFB producer.
  11. @MongrelMedia – Canadian doc distributor.
  12. @DocMovies – All about documentaries.
  13. @POVDocs – PBS Docs
  14. @Peripheria – Another well-run production Twitter account.
  15. @IndependentLens – PBS doc series
  16. @DOK_Leipzig – International Festival for Doc and Animated Film.
  17. @IDFA – International Documentary Film Association, Amsterdam
  18. @HotDocs – Toronto’s international doc festival.
  19. @ProspectorFilms – High-value tweets from a Mtl production company.
  20. @Gary_Hustwit – Director of Helvetica and Objectified.
  21. Thanks for the heads-up for this list from Work For All line producer, Aisling Chin-Yee (you can follow her very active Twitter account here). Most of the accounts were found in CatBird Productions’ follow list – which is a veritable who’s who of film in Canada.

    You can also follow @TheNFB on Twitter here!

    Did we miss anyone?

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  1. Regrettably, Dana, the special mandate studios no longer exist at the NFB. Responsibility for those mandates now reside in each individual production studio.

    — Michael Fukushima,
  2. You missed out on the Twitter feed for “Under the Boardwalk” a documentary about the game of MONOPOLY that has been tweeting production updates since February, one of the first documentaries to do so!

    Their feed is @MonopolyDoc

  3. Does Studio D have a twitter account? Does Studio D still exist? (I hope so!)

    — Dana Putnam,

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