Filmmaker Bonnie Sher Klein asks, “What’s your greatest talent?”


This week’s Canada CODE challenger is Bonnie Sherr Klein, a familiar name here at the NFB for such works as Citizen’s Medicine, Little Burgundy, and, of course, Not a Love Story. She asks, “What is your greatest talent?”

In issuing her challenge, Klein joins the ranks of other filmmakers, writers and prominent Canadians who are jumping at the chance to get in on the Canada CODE action. A few weeks back, Carts of Darkness director Murray Siple tackled the subject of work, stating that, “Your work should be driven by passion and in that context, be an amazing legacy.”

Have you taken the Canada CODE challenge yet?

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  1. Hi,

    I think my biggest talent is being in fight scenes, and also doing some of the choreography !


    — Anik,

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