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Quick start guide to film playlists and chapters on

Quick start guide to film playlists and chapters on

Quick start guide to film playlists and chapters on

* This post is intended for the members of NFB/Education. To become a member, click here.

When you are a member of NFB/education you can easily prepare your class in advance by assembling a selection of films and chapters. In front of the class, all you have to do is click “Watch the playlist” – and you can focus your full attention on your teaching.

Let’s say you have to prepare a class on the Second World War. Let’s start by adding the film Mackenzie King and the Conscription Crisis to a new playlist. This will introduce your students to this important Canadian Prime Minister.

1- On the film’s page click on Add to playlist (it’s right under the player).

2- Then click on “Create a new playlist”, enter a title for your playlist and click “Save”.

Now let’s add a clip from Women are Warriors, which describes the key role played by women during the war.

1- Click on “Create new chapter”. This will take you to the Chaptering application.

2-To start editing, click on the “Create chapters” button.

3-Adjust your selection using the green handles on the timeline.

4- When you are happy with your clip, go to the right side of the interface and add a title and a description of your selection and click “Save”.

5- You just created your first chapter! Click on “Add to my playlist” and select the playlist you created earlier.

Now let’s have a look at our WWII playlist.

1-Bring your mouse to the top right corner of the window and roll-over your username. From the drop down menu, click “Activities”.

2-Under the orange “Activities” tab, click “PLAYLISTS”.

3-This is where your playlists will be stored. Click on “Watch the playlist” to launch the playback of your playlist.

And there you have it! Isn’t this a dynamic, stimulating, efficient and entertaining way to cover this historical event? We thought so too.

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