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What the updated NFB iPhone app can do that the old one can’t

What the updated NFB iPhone app can do that the old one can’t

What the updated NFB iPhone app can do that the old one can’t

Right on the heels of being named the Best Content App of 2009 by the Apple Blog, iTunes has approved version 1.1 of our app.

Download it here.

One of the more exciting updates is that you can now store films to Watch Later on your phone for up to 48 hours. (The old version only allowed 24 hours. Some people have asked why we don’t allow you download the films completely on the app. Due to rights restrictions and the prohibitive cost of licensing thousands of movies and the music that goes with them – we simply can’t afford to offer free downloads right now).

The new release also includes a TV Out setting – which you also asked for – so if you have an Apple Component AV cable, you can plug  your iPhone into your television and watch our films on the big screen.

We’re working on version 2.0 of the app, which will have a slew of new features and improvements based on your feedback. So if you have any comments, questions, or ideas, please drop us a line in the comment section, via email ( or send us a tweet on Twitter (@thenfb).

Happy viewing!

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  1. Unfortunately, the app no longer supports video out. Our iPad app, however, allows you to stream over Airplay to Apple TV.

    — Julie,
  2. I have version 1.4.5 installed on my 3GS. I concur with Barry. Audio only, no video. I looked for the NFB app under settings (as per instructions above) but no luck. It’s not even listed! Do later versions not support video out? If so, any way I can get my hands on version 1.1?



    — Johan,
  3. I bought video/audio-out cable for my iPhone hoping to watch NFB films on the big screen but only the audio comes out. Disappointing – we were all hoping for a nice evening of great films!

  4. @Ali –

    To activate the TV out – makes sure you have the 1.1 version of the app downloaded; then go into your iPhone Settings-> NFB App–> and Turn On the TV Out option.

    Let us know if that doesn’t work for you. We want to make sure this feature works for everyone who has the TV adapter.

  5. Thanks for the new update. However, the video out option is not working. I only got the audio to work. Help anyone?

    — Ali,
  6. @Nick – Thanks, Nick! I’ll forward your “Franchir la nuît” request to our programming committee.

  7. Thanks so much for making these gems available on iphone. Quite frankly, I would not have gone out of my way to make it to a NFB viewing booth to find “The Sweater”, “Hot stuff” and “The Cat Came Back”. What a treat to be able to watch these and laugh with my sweetheart last night! Hopefully one day all of your library will be made available in this fashion. I was looking for “Franchir la nuît”..the story of a wonderful and courageous person named Hughette Burroughs.

    — Nick,

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