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Hothouse 7: Testing testing

Hothouse 7: Testing testing

Hothouse 7: Testing testing

The following is a guest post by Aimée van Drimmelen as part of the Hothouse Program.


My camera and stand made it safely to Saskatchewan, and you can guess what I’ve been doing all weekend. I’m impressed with the image capture software Dragon, which is extremely user friendly and makes stop-motion with a fancy digital SLR easy. Granted I’m used to winging it with a very cheap camera, iMovie and lots of duct tape, so anything should seem fun after that…

I’m working on test shots for my background. After much trial and error I’m transitioning from the rather vague ideas in my head to what is actually possible, and figuring out how I want things to look and flow. Despite one really bad situation with a blow drier that led to ink and water all over the floor, I’ve already got a much better sense of what my final piece can look like. I’ve been working on thick watercolour paper for these tests because I want to know 100% what I want to do before switching to a drumskin. How analog.

p.s. These are not the lights I’ll be using when I start filming for real, but they are cute.

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