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NFB launches BlackBerry Playbook app

NFB launches BlackBerry Playbook app

NFB launches BlackBerry Playbook app

RIM launched its new BlackBerry® PlayBook™ and we’re proud to announce that it includes an NFB films app – right out of the box. The app was co-developed by RIM and the NFB.

The new tablet offers free access to NFB films, including our mobile HD channel – a Playbook exclusive. As with our iPad/iPhone and Android apps, other features include:

  • 1500 films available for viewing
  • A kids’ channel with fun and educational content
  • Ability to search our online collection
  • Curated thematic channels
  • Ability to bookmark your favourite films

The Playbook hits stores Tuesday, April 19. If you pick one up, let us know what you think of the device, and our app, by leaving comments in the section below.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve also experienced this issue and reported it to the NFB (Dec 17th) through the support email provided. I also confirmed with BB support that they had the same issue (not just me) and they also sent an email to the support email (Dec 19th). So far I’ve heard nothing back from the NFB on this issue (the email promised some sort of reply in two or three days). I understand that the holidays probably slowed things down but to have no responses at all!

    In addition to the “Channels” not working there is also a problem with the “Search” function. It returns no results (just a spinning circle) if you select “All” results (both English and French). If you select only English or only French results then the search works.

    Please fix! Its very annoying. I expect that there is nothing wrong with the NFB app but something wrong on the NFB server end of things.


    — Gordon Evans,
    1. Hi Gordon: I reported Peter’s (and your) issues to the dev team, and indeed they are aware of the problem. They’re working on it. As soon as I have more information, I’ll update you. Thanks.

      — Julie Matlin,
  2. Hi. Love what nfb I can get to, but when I click on channels, my PlayBook sits with the search circle spinning with no eventual result.
    It doesn’t change when I change the settings either.
    I’m running , so it’s the current version of os software

    — Peter,
    1. Thanks, Peter. I’m forwarding your comment to our dev team. Will get back to you shortly!

      — Julie Matlin,

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