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Hothouse 7: Tactile Kiss Transmission Device

Hothouse 7: Tactile Kiss Transmission Device

Hothouse 7: Tactile Kiss Transmission Device

The following is a guest post by Eva Cvijanovic.

So our producer, Michael Fukushima,  sent me this link  about a Japanese invention that can record your tongue movement and replay it through a machine, which makes it possible to sort of french-kiss yourself, well more a  plastic tube (or ultimately with a celebrity that gets paid enough to do it). It’s all very creepy and funny, and even more, the guy in this video is just like the type of guy that I imagine my animated character being.

YEAH RIGHT????…In a strange way this is a real-life technological creepy version of my film. Too bad my picture is locked, because I’d add a surprise super-tech-french-kissing-a-plastic-tube ending!!!

Oh yeah! My picture is locked! Which is very, very exciting news, but all it means really is that I can start animating for real now, to the timing we decided in the animatic. So the real work is only about to start… This is what a real not-super-tech-french-kissing-a-plastic-tube MOUTH looks like! – Well not real – ANIMATED!!!


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