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Discover I Love Potatoes, our new (free!) interactive game

Discover I Love Potatoes, our new (free!) interactive game

Discover I Love Potatoes, our new (free!) interactive game

How can you address the topics of sustainable development, teamwork and local action in an entertaining and fun way with your kids? By playing I Love Potatoes, of course!

We are proud to present to you the latest creation from our filmmaker in residence Vali Fugulin (Toi, moi et la Charte), produced in cooperation with video-game company Minority, and illustrated by none other than animated filmmaker Patrick Doyon, who was nominated for an Oscar® in 2012 for Sunday. This slightly absurd, quirky and funny adventure game on social innovation is available free on the Web, tablets and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

This is our first 3D video game available in seven languages! Here’s the trailer to give you a sneak peak:

Changing the world, one potato at a time

Intended primarily for 9-12 year olds, I Love Potatoes provides a step-by-step lesson on how to plant new ideas to harvest change in our society.

In the Land of Potatoes, everyone loves potatoes because the potato is the source of wealth that enables them to live. The people supply food to the Potatosaurus Monster who provides televisions, video-game consoles and cakes to the community. When the village is struck by a potato shortage, Chips has to find a solution to learn to live without them, save his community and conquer the Monster’s domination. He can’t do this alone. He will need your help, and that of Tuberosa, to rally the community…


Set to the enchanting music of Jean-Phi Concave and Alex McMahon (Plaster), the steps of social change are introduced in a playful way, which opens the discussion between generations on how to change things… one small step at a time.

Characters inspired by 7 social innovators

To create the game’s characters, Vali Fugulin drew inspiration from the fabulous stories of seven social innovators who managed to take a single idea and transform their society. These people are presented at the very end of the game. They are as follows.



From the age of six, Albeiro Vargas was touched by the plight of elderly people abandoned in the streets of Bucaramanga, Colombia. Today, his foundation provides support to hundreds of these people.



Albina Ruiz was shocked by the living and sanitary conditions of her neighbourhood in Lima, Peru. She created microbusinesses that collect and process waste.



Germaine Acogny felt that African culture was underappreciated. She founded the École des Sables in Senegal to help dancers from all over the continent.



The children in Cateura, Paraguay, were working in the dump and rarely attending school. Now, they are learning music and making their instruments from waste materials recovered at the dump.

Lower City


The Renaissance organization in Montréal, Canada, recovers tons of clothing destined for the trash and resells them at low cost. This recycling creates jobs and permits the less fortunate to buy affordable clothing.



Guy and Neca Marcovaldi were revolted by the massacre of a turtle on a beach in Brazil. They created a reserve to protect turtles in Praia do Forte.



Jaime Lerner found his city of Curitiba, Brazil, polluted and congested. He has made sustainable transformations with eco-buses and simple initiatives, such as an exchange of waste for food.


On the I Love Potatoes website, you will also find the Little Guide to Innovation in 10 steps, as well as teaching tools to go along with the game.

So, now it’s time to change the world!

Click here to play.


Don’t drop the potato!


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