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Watch: Four Films About Vampires!

Watch: Four Films About Vampires!

Watch: Four Films About Vampires!

Much like the mythical creature itself, the popularity of the vampire seems everlasting. Sometimes they appear in our stories as suave aristocrats; an attractive exterior hiding the blood-thirsty beast inside. Other times, vampires appear as little more than repulsive monsters, representing the raw, unrelenting id of humanity. And sometimes they sparkle and play baseball.

Whether you prefer Bela or Buffy, Christopher Lee or Larten Crepsley, one thing is for certain: vampires are cool. So, it’s only natural that, over the years, the NFB has produced films starring everyone’s favourite bloodsucking monsters. And, as luck would have it, our team of ghouls managed to pull an all-nighter and created this list of four films guaranteed to satiate your appetite for sanguinivorous cinema!

Land of the Heads

Land of the Heads, Cédric Louis & Claude Barras, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

We begin our list with a film that is definitely not suitable for children. Land of the Heads tells the tale of a hapless vampire who is forced to go out at night and collect heads. He does this because his batty significant other wants to replace her own head with a more beautiful one. Dark and entertaining, this short animation is a winner for any vampire fan.


Batmilk, Brandon Blommaert, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

The next entry in our Nosferatu-based list is this wonderfully animated short that is as endearing as it is horrifying. Initially filmed as part of the fifth edition of the NFB Hothouse apprenticeship, the story follows a ghoulish vampiric monster who, while initially robbed of his brain, is quickly granted another one, and his new life soon begins.

My Tribe Is My Life – Patrick, The Solitary Goth   

My Tribe Is My Life – Patrick, The Solitary Goth, Myriam Verreault, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

Less horror and folklore and more of an introspective study, this documentary casts its gaze on a man called Patrick. Naturally socially anxious and shy, Patrick finds friendship and understanding within the vampire subculture. Relatable and raw, this film is part of the My Tribe Is My Life series, which showcases different music fans, and the ways that online communities and subcultures have helped them shape their identity.

Ashes of Doom

Ashes of Doom , Grant Munro & Don Arioli, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

We finish off our vampiric catalogue with a fun, satirical PSA created by the department of health. In this film showing that the stakes of cigarette smoking are high, we follow a vampire on the prowl who has managed to find a victim in his grasp. Unfortunately for our vampire friend, his victim has already ingested something far deadlier than garlic, and our vampire’s hope for a meal goes up in smoke!

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