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The 2020 Ocean School Pin Art Challenge!

The 2020 Ocean School Pin Art Challenge!

The 2020 Ocean School Pin Art Challenge!

Ocean School kicked off the new school year with a Pin Art Challenge! We wanted kids and teens to submit pieces of ocean-themed art for our new pinback buttons! The response was TROUT-STANDING! 

We received submissions from youth all over the world! In fact, we received so many submissions that we split them into two categories: Digital Artwork and Non-Digital Artwork! We asked our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers to vote for their favourite artwork from a group of finalists and narrow it down to two winners.

The winner in the Digital Artwork category is Anneka from Canada with this fin-tastic art:

The winner in the Non-Digital Artwork category is Jennifer from Canada with this flounder-ful piece of art:

We are excited to be turning the winning designs into the newest Ocean School pinback buttons sharing them with our winners, and giving them away at schools, workshops and conferences. 

But since we received so many gorgeous submissions, we couldn’t NOT share them with everyone!

Here are the Digital and Non-Digital Artwork finalists:

Matthew, 12, Canada Simon-Xavier, 8, Canada Helen, 16, Canada Kenji, 14, Canada Anneka, 15, Canada Jennifer, 16, Canada


And here are all the submissions we received!

Tammy, 14, Canada Tammy, 14, Canada Tammy, 14, Canada Nataly, 15, Spain Nataly, 15, Spain Nataly, 15, Spain
Ayat, 8, Canada Ayat, 8, Canada Ayat, 8, Canada Matthew, 12, Canada Matthew, 12, Canada Ella, 12, USA
Isabelle, 13, Canada Isabelle, 13, Canada Berry, 17, Canada Berry, 17, Canada Berry, 17, Canada Andrii, 10, Canada
Anneka, 15, Canada Anneka, 15, Canada Alexandra, 16, France Alexandra, 16, France Alexandra, 16, France


We are so thankful so many youth were able to participate in this challenge and share their love for the ocean with us! We hope to do this again in the future! 

What is Ocean School?

Ocean School is a free, inquiry-based, online learning experience for students aged 11 to 15 meant to strengthen learners’ personal connection to the ocean. We create bilingual materials for science and technology, social science, language arts, and math. Our website includes free 360° videos, virtual and augmented reality experiences, student activities, and more.

Don’t see your art submission here? Contact us: 

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